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Replacement Silicone Tube Aqua Mop


  • Model: tfcp-intamtube


A special soft silicone solution tube for the Aqua Mop bottle. The tube is appox. 350mm long.

If your Aqua Mop is not dispensing solution correctly when you press the trigger on the handle down the tube may be broken, have a blockage or the tube is crimped. It may also be that the air lock push valve on the solution bottle is in the closed position.

For a quick trouble shoot, push the trigger knob on the handle down and give it a quarter turn to lock it in the open position. The hose now will be loose and you can check to see if the tube is crimped or broken. If it is split or broken the tube needs to be replaced, if it is crimped, gently move the tube and squeeze the crimp out off the tube.

The tube can only be replaced if the dispensing mechanism is in the locked open position. Remember to release the locking system from open to close after replacement of the tube as not to get a constant “running” of solution from the bottle.

To prolong the life of the tube, after use, remove the solution bottle, press the trigger button down and give it a quarter turn which will put it in the open lock position. This allows the tube to drain and prevent crimping. Reverse the procedure prior to use.