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Do these prices include GST?
Yes, all prices are GST-inclusive. As an Australian Company, all displayed prices include GST on sales to customers ordering from Australia.

What are the freight charges?
Orders over $165.00 gst-included are delivered free in the Sydney metro area. More information can be found in Shipping and returns.

What if the order is under $ 165.00 GST included and is being shipped outside the Sydney metro area?
For orders under $ 165.00 GST included outside the Sydney metro area, there will be an administration, handling charge of $ 11.00 along with the freight charge added to the invoice. For orders over $ 165.00 GST included, only the freight charge will be added to the invoice.

Can I open an account ?
Yes, accounts can be established. This normally occurs after the third order and when a credit application has been presented and approved.

The first three orders are usually  treated as cash on delivery (C.O.D.)

Where/how do I find a credit application?
You can download a credit application form by clicking here (TFCP_Credit_Application.pdf). You can submit the form to us by email, fax, or mail.

Where/how do I find an order form?
You would find the order form in Important Links »Forms. You can submit your order to us by email, fax, or by phone.

I don’t see a product, can you help?
Yes, we are able to supply cleaning products and equipment that may not be featured on our website. Please call or email your question.

Do you deliver or ship?
Yes, we can deliver or have shipping arranged. Time For Cleaning Products would discuss your options at the time of your order.

Do you discount?
Yes we can  depending on quantity.

When do you not discount?
At times RRP is controlled by the mfg and we adhere to their policy.

Will I always pay the price on the TFCP website?

Time For Cleaning Products will try to honour published prices but the TFCP website operates under the legal term ”invitation to treat”. For more information regarding this term please refer to PRICING in Conditions of Use.

Do you do training?
Yes, depending on the product or we assist in securing a manufacturer's representative to help in training.

Who do you sell to?
We offer our product lines to commercial, industrial, and domestic customers alike.

What are your best “green products”?
Time For Cleaning Products recommends enzyme cleaners as they are safe for People, Pets & Planet. These natural cleaners are not chemicals.

Microfiber, as they entrap dirt and bacteria. Microfiber can clean by just using water. Microfiber that has silver impregnation is recommended as the silver kills bacteria that is entrapped in the material.

Do you sell recycled paper?
Yes, we do!

Which interleaf/multifold paper towel do I need?

There are three basic formats you may need; slimline, ultra slim, compact. The area of use and space will guide you in deciding which towel dispenser and paper towel you require. If you already have a dispenser and you are unsure which paper towel fits the dispenser please go to information link Important Links »About Paper Towels for help.

Why does TFCP have various chemical ranges?
To offer and fulfill different requirements and applications that our customers have, for example, in food mfg, that industry needs special formulated hand soap.

What does HDPE mean in garbage bags?
The HDPE refers to the type of plastic used in manufacture. A HDPE bag is normally used in a light duty area, such as washroom where the majority waste is paper product.

What does LDPE mean in garbage bags?
The LDPE refers to the type of plastic used in manufacture. A LDPE bag is normally used in a heavy duty area. They are stronger and are more tear-resistant.

These bags are more suited to handle foods scraps, bottles, and heavier waste.

Why doesn’t TFCP have a shopping cart website?
The shopping cart part of the TFCP website is being developed and fine tuned. It is our goal to have it up and running soon.

While this is being accomplished you may like to use the TFCP order form ( found in Forms ) to help with your purchases.