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Cloth Techno-Clean Antibacterial Healthcare


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  • Model: tfcp-imfcloth


Colour coded antibacterial microfibre cleaning cloth by Techno-Clean. The silver in the cloth fibres create an antibacterial effect diminishing the ability of germs to multiple. These microfibre cleaning cloths are colour coded to help avoid cross contamination.

The microfibre healthcare cloth entraps dust, dirt, grime and bacteria in a single wipe creating a cleaner, healthier environment. Clean and sanitize in the one action. The high quality microfibre cloth is designed for single area cleaning (SAC) but can also be used as a general cleaning cloth.

This healthcare cloth is suitable to use with or without chemicals and can be laundered up to 300 times at 60 C. The microfibre cloth is hemmed, the size of the cloth 290mm x 380mm makes it efficient for Origami use.

The Interclean Techno-Clean healthcare cloth is available in different colours to aid in indicating different cleaning areas. In the healthcare industry the system that is used is BLUE-general purpose, RED-washroom, GREEN-kitchen and YELLOW-infectious areas.

The best cleaning cloth that can be used in hospitals, healthcare, aged care, medical centres, mining, labs, veterinary centres, washroom, commercial and domestic cleaning areas.

An excellent microfibre cloth for use with the all natural, eco friendly enzyme cleaners for superior green cleaning.

Helen said to George, “What is so special about these cloths? Why are they better than other microfibre cloths?”

George said, “I'm not sure, but it says, to find out why this cloth is so special (including how long it takes to ’self sanitize’ and kill different bacteria) please click here.”