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White Hand Wash-White Hand Soap-White Lotion-Pearl-Dispenser

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Time For “Pearlie White Hand Wash” is a light to medium strength, gentle white lotion hand wash with a fresh coconut blended fragrance. The white, pearl swirled liquid hand soap cleans dirt, grime, and light grease from hands leaving them with a refreshed, clean, smooth, pampered feeling.

A good economical hand wash for club, hotels, taverns, pubs, factories, offices, schools, fitness centres, washrooms, and other hand cleaning areas. The white colour offers less chance of colour staining on washroom vanity surfaces. This white hand wash can be used in the bulk refilling of plastic and/or stainless steel dispensers.

Direction of Use

Moisten hands with water, apply a small amount of Pearl hand wash, rub hands together and create a mild lather, rinse with clean water, dry with cloth, paper towel or air hand dryer.

Packaged in bulk containers of 5lt and 25lt.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF):