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Soap Dispenser-Plastic-Slim-EZ View-Bulk Refill


  • Model: tfcp-sdslim900


Slim design, clear, refillable plastic soap dispenser for liquid hand wash. Lockable lid, press action dispenser with a modern, appealing, clear curving acrylic front design.

This soap dispenser has a curved, built-in push bar for dispensing of soap. The dispenser has a clear reservoir for easy viewing of the soap level.

The durable plastic soap dispenser is lockable to restrict tampering and each push dispenses .05ml of product making the use of the soap dispenser economical. The dispenser has a 900ml refillable, plastic bulk reservoir. The bulk reservoir can be removed for cleaning.

Safe, clean, convenient and is suitable for tight spaces in washrooms, kitchens, hotels, pubs, clubs, fitness centres, schools, etc.

This dispenser can be screw mounted or installed with double sided tape.

The wall mount is secured to the wall and the dispenser slide unto the wall mount.

The dimensions of the soap dispenser: 200mm H x 85mm W x 100m D.

The dimensions of the wall mount: 6 cm wide x 17cm long , the two screw holes for wall mounting from the top of the wall mount: 23mm and 92mm centered.