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Pycare |Insecticide Dispenser Refill | Food Grade


  • Model: tfcp-pycare


Natural Pyrethrum insecticide aerosol can refills for metered dispensers. A food grade insecticide for the control of ants, flies, fleas, mosquitoes and roaches. Environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, low toxicity and kills insects quickly.

Pyrethrum is obtained from a flower in the daisy family and is nature’s own insecticide. Insects do not develop immunity to pyrethrum and it is safe to use around humans and animals.

The food safe insecticide metered can refill will fit most aerosol dispensers and contains appox. 3000 sprays. The type of dispenser you have and the settings you set will control the life length of the refill. A general guideline would be 30-90 days.

This product is suitable for use in kitchens, waste rooms, dumpster, trash chutes, public service areas, restaurants, washroom, public amenities, dog boarding, kennels, pet resorts, stables, poultry, barns, eco-friendly resorts. Anywhere control of mosquitoes, flies and other insects is needed.

For best results in the control of flying insect it is recommended that aerosol dispenser be installed over doorways and for crawling insect the dispenser should be placed nearest their activity area.

Always be aware of the safety direction on SDS/MSDS sheets.

Insecticide spray are made for use with polypropylene aerosol dispensers as the spray ingredients may damage or discolour dispensers made from a different type of plastic. Shipping restrictions apply to this product.

A life journey tip, remember to push the reset button on the dispenser after fitting a refill.