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Bastion Wipes Roll Holder Dispenser


  • Model: tfcp-bwr1h


Durable high quality white powder coated, metal, wipes roll holder.

The dispenser is suitable for any CHUX’s like woven wipe with a roll width of 300mm, roll length 45m or 65m.

The Bastion wipes dispenser has a re-enforced inner side that is slotted and fitted with a metal roller to fit the wipes onto for dispensing.

The back plate of the dispenser has two pre-drilled holes for easy installation, screws included, overall dimensions: width 35cm x 16cm depth x 7 cm height. From the centre of the 22mm roll dowel to the back plate is 11cm.

A new heavy duty wipes roll has a 9cm centre or an overall diameter of 18cm so it is an easy fit.

The wipes dispenser addresses the problem of wipes rolls being relocated around the workplace or being misplaced in the work van. The wipes roll holder provides an efficient and hygienic method of storing and dispensing wipes. The holder can be mounted to the side of a cleaning trolley.