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Window Cleaning Scraper Blades Replacement


  • Model: tfcp-edco41010


Replacement blades for the Edco window, glass scraper 41000. The blades are double sided and 95mm wide, individually wrapped, 10 ea per pack.

To replace the blade, EXTREME CARE is required. Loosen the bolt on the scraper, slide the blue inner blade holder out, turn the blue holder over and remove the covering plate, now carefully remove the blade. REMEMBERING that the blade is double sided, sharp on both ends, therefore care is needed to be exercised in the replacement process. Replace the blue cover, turn the blue holder over and slide back into the black holder. Retighten the screw bolt.

When replacing the blue blade holder, the correct working angle is achieved when the tinner part of the blue blade holder is positioned near the bottom of the black window scraper. An incorrect fitting will result in the blade being at an acute angle to the holder and it will be “digging in” to the glass surface as opposed to sliding along. Refer to the image below.