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Urinal Screen-Scent Aire-Urinal Mat

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  • Model: TFCP-scentairescreen


Urinal screens that deodorize, help prevent blocked drains, prevent splash back onto clothes, and stops debris from entering drains and are enzyme enriched. The enzymes attack the offensive odour created by the uric acid and destroy the malodour at the source.

Urinal screens are convenient, effective, protect users from embarrassing splash back, protect facilities from unsightly over spray, and they are environmentally friendly. The screens are made with recycled materials and emit a low VOC compliant scent which refreshes with a pleasant, gradual fragrance released over a 30 days period.

Fragrances that are available with the tfcp Z-screen are, starting with the strongest perfume to the least. Cherry Burst (a red coloured screen), Orchard Zing (a green coloured screen), Citrus Zest (an orange coloured screen) and Fresh Blast (a silver coloured screen).

Z-screen options and perfume strength

Elevated risers (nibs) to ensure full drainage of urine, flexible to enable the screen to be fitted to different styles of urinals and enhanced with enzymes to eliminate bacteria causing odour. The enzymes also aid in the degrading of scale & uric acid biomass inside of drains. This enzymatic action reduces cleaning time with its ability to create constant cleaning. This constant cleaning of the of the drain system helps in removing odours resulting is a cleaner, fresher washroom. The Z-screen is safe to use in water or waterless urinals.

Excellent to use in a hi-rise complex or office buildings as the screen does not break apart like some urinal blocks nor recrystallise inside of drains to cause blockage. For heavy deposits of scale, uric acid, strong odours, slow draining or partially blocked drains please contact us for advice on treatment. We have a simple environmentally friendly solution.

Constant 24 hour odour control and cleaning of urinals, that’s the answer for clubs, hotels, pubs, taverns, fitness centres, sporting complexes, airports, shopping centres, councils, schools, universities, tech colleges, gyms, public facilities, outdoor toilets, offices, washrooms, function centres, etc., anywhere there is a urine odour problem.

Can be purchased by each, box of 10 or carton of 60.

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