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  • Model: tfcp-wave2


New and improved Wave 2 urinal screen that deodorises, prevents splash back, cleans and entraps rubbish. Stronger perfume, pull off date tabs, longer debris fingers and enzyme enriched to remove odour at the source are some of the new Wave features.

The new, improved generation 2 of the Wave has the convenient feature of pull off date tabs to remind the cleaner that it is time to replace the urinal screen ensuring the screen is performing the job it is meant to do, that is, automatically cleaning the urinal.

The Wave now has longer protrusions (fingers) to better release fragrance, reduce splash back onto clothes, and to protect from over spray. The longer fingers help entrap foreign objects such as paper, gum, etc. which protects the drain from blocking. The bottom side of the screen has raised nibs to allow for the flow of urine without the damming effect of urinal blocks. The perfume level has been upgraded to a higher intensity to last and refresh the washroom for a longer period. The wave still releases billions of optimized bacteria that attack and clean the uric acid from the urinal to reduce malodour and cleaning time.

Vinyl urinal screens are modern, convenient, and effective. They are flexible to fit into different styles of urinals and are VOC compliant. The screens are more eco-friendly then PDCB blocks with no chance of breaking apart or recrystallising inside of drains to cause blockage. They can be used with water or waterless urinals.

A urinal screen that releases a fresh, light, gradual fragrance over 45 days plus. The size of your washroom, and amount of traffic would suggest which Wave 2.0 you would require. The long lasting fragrance is available in the following scents and they are listed from strongest to mildest.

Spiced Apple (red) - strong cinnamon apple fragrance. Recommended for large washrooms with heavy use. The spiced apple Wave 2 is the most popular urinal screen.

Mango (orange) - sweet mild fragrance, recommended for large and medium use washrooms and as an interchange scent to avoid fragrance familiarly. The mango Wave 2 is the best all around urinal screen.

Cucumber-Melon (green) - mild citrus like fragrance, recommended for small washrooms with medium use.

Cotton Blossom (blue) - light linen fragrance, recommended for small washrooms.
The Wave options and perfume strength
For heavy deposits of scale, uric acid, strong odours, slow draining or partially blocked drains please contact us for advice on treatment. We have a simple environmentally friendly solution.

For 24 hour around the clock cleaning of urinals and odour control this is the product. Ideally suited to use in clubs, hotels, pubs, taverns, fitness centres, convention centres, sporting complexes, airports, shopping centres, councils, schools, universities, tech colleges, gyms, public facilities, outdoor toilets, offices, washrooms, function centres, hospitals, etc., anywhere there is a urine odour problem.

Priced per each but sold in sealed packs of 2 to maintain fragrance freshness.

There are 5 packs of 2 (10 ea) per box, 6 boxes per carton (60 ea/ctn)


Download the Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF):

Priced per each but sold in sealed packs of 2 to maintain fragrance freshness.

There are 5 packs of 2 (10 ea) per box, 6 boxes per carton( 60 ea/ctn)