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  • Model: tfcp-Ekco power


The “little brother” to the “top shelf” Ekco urinal screen. New round pin wheel design with handle tab for easy installation or removal of screen from urinal.

Long fingers for fragrance release and to help prevent urine back splash, risers on bottom of screen to allow urine and water to pass thru un-obstructed.

The difference is that the big brother has longer finger, more fingers, larger overall screen, better fit for single use urinal and approx.60 day fragrance release. Touch/click to view Ekco screen

The Ekco urinal screens help to maintain a cleaner washroom program.

Urinals in men’s public restrooms are often described by the user as “smelly”, “dirty” and most of all un-hygienic due to urine splatter and splash back.

The offensive smell is caused by bacterial degradation of organic components in the urine to produce ammonia-like odour.

For heavy deposits of scale, uric acid, strong odours, slow draining or partially blocked drains please contact us for advice on treatment.

We have a simple, effective, environmental friendly solution which helps remove the odours and magnify the Ekco Power screen fragrance level.

The first class Ekco Power screen helps with having a fresh smelling washroom by being/having:

  • Patented Sealed Bristles Technology™ to eliminate urine splashback
  • Proprietary resin infused with timed release emits a fresh fragrance deodorant lasting approx. 30 days depending on usage
  • Effective Anti-Microbial
  • Ideal for waterless urinals
  • Flexible design will conform to all urinals
  • C.A. VOC compliant and 100% recyclable

The screen fragrance is available in the following scents and they are listed from strongest to mildest :

Colour Fragrance

  • Green Apple (strongest)
  • Orange Tropical Fruit
  • Purple Berry (mildest)

Priced per each but sold in sealed packs of 2 to maintain fragrance freshness.

There are 5 packs of 2 per box (10 ea).

For sds --Click/Touch Ekco Power Screen SDS