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  • Model: tfcp-usdia


A flexible, perfumed urinal screen that deodorises -entraps paper and rubbish to prevent drain blockage. This vinyl screen replaces (PDCB) refresher blocks. A quick and easy way to keep your washroom smelling fresh and clean.

The diamond pattern in the urinal screen helps in controlling splash back and the raised feet allows for urine to flow without the damming effect that can be caused by PDCB blocks. With a gradual perfume release over a 21 day period, along with the constant cleaning created by the release of enzymes, the screen leaves the urinal fresh and sparkling. The Diamond/Sparkle urinal screen is suitable to use in water or waterless urinals.

This screen does not have the long term cleaning affect nor the high level of scent that the Z-Screen, The Wave 2.0, or the Ekco screen have but for quick and easy malodour control, it does the job. The beauty of this product is the price. If your washroom is small and does not have high traffic you can replace or add to the existing urinal screen to enhance the fragrance without breaking the budget.

Fragrance range and colour---all fragrances are equal strength Lemon –yellow Mango –orange Herbal Mint-light green

For heavy deposits of scale, uric acid, strong odours, slow draining or partially blocked drains please contact us for advice on treatment. We have a simple environmentally friendly solution.

For 24 hour around the clock odour control and urinal cleaning this product is ideally suited to use in clubs, hotels, pubs, taverns, fitness centres, councils, schools, gyms, public facilities, outdoor toilets, offices, small washrooms, function centres, etc., anywhere there is a washroom odour problem.