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Toilet Seat Cleaner Sanitizer Dispenser


  • Model: tfcp-stsdisp


Saraya toilet seat sanitizer dispenses Saraya Jan San TS Sanitizer which kills most germs and bacteria on contact. A disinfecting toilet seat cleaner that is hygienic, economical and easy to use.

Do many of us have a fear and concern about the bacteria, germs and grime on a toilet seat we are about to sit on? Of course we do! The Saraya toilet seat spray sanitizer dispenser helps to address the fear anxiety of contaminated toilet seats.

Easy to use, first tear off a length of toilet paper, fold it over a few times into a hand size pad, position the toilet paper pad under the spray dispenser and push the spray button, a sanitizing spray will damped the pad, then using the pre moisten pad wipe the toilet seat and drop the paper pad into the toilet bowl. The sanitizing spray will quickly air dry and the toilet seat will be ready to use.

This method of toilet seat cleaning is more hygienic than using a paper toilet seat cover or layering the toilet seat with bits of toilet paper. Covering the seat with paper only offers you a partial protection from a wet, damp, dirty toilet seat. The spray-on-the-paper system also reduces washroom cleaning time. How? Because of a reduction of the mess created from the discarded paper method falling on the floor.

The removal, reduction of bacteria and germs improves hygiene and air quality.

The Saraya dispenser is easy to use, compact, professional attractive styling, lockable, manual (no batteries or hard wiring), refillable with quick, easy installation using double sided tape.

The toilet seat cleaner sanitizer dispenser has a refillable 450ml bottle which provides a 0.3ml spray appox 1500 times. The size of the dispenser is 106mmW x 119mmD x 226mmH and is constructed from high impact ABS plastic. The toilet seat dispenser has a front window to view the level of sanitizer in the dispensing bottle without having to open the dispenser.

The compact size of the bulk refill dispenser allows for easy installation in women, men, and unisex washrooms. A cost effective, economical, hygienic solution for an ongoing problem. For the refill sanitizing product please click here.