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HydroPro 76 Wet & Dry PacVac Vacuum Cleaner



  • Model: tfcp-hydropro76


PacVac wet & dry dual purpose vacuum cleaner. Hydropro 76 is on a trolley and is suited for both dust and liquid vacuuming. Spills, minor flooding can be easily vacuumed by this commercial quality machine. The trolley makes this “big unit” portable with easy manoeuvrability.

A quality dual purpose vacuum cleaner that can be used in domestic or commercial situations. In the wet mode the vacuum quickly cleans up spills, washing machine over flow, sucks blocked drains dry so repairs can be achieved, flooding, fine silt, oils, coolants, etc. An excellent method to remove excess cleaning solution after mopping without rinsing and reducing drying time.

In the dry mode the HydroPro 76 can be used as you would a normal dry vacuum for dust and dry debris.

Constructed from 100% Polypropylene plastic making it highly impact resistance and durable. Extra strong latches, non-marking wheels, easy to see and use illuminated dual waterproof switches for operator protection. PacVac high quality at an affordable price.

The HydroPro 76 is fitted with twin 1100w by-pass motors, 8.5m long electrical lead, operating noise level of 67 dBa (normal conversation level is 60 dBa), airflow volume is either 36 or 61 lt per second depending if one or both motors are being utilized, a Hydro sponge filter to provide motor protection and the solution tank has a capacity of 76 litres. The machine weights 27 kg empty.

The accessories included are; a 2.5m flexible hose with a 38mm pistol grip, one 38mm straight chrome wand, one curved 38mm wand, one 300mm floor body tool , one 400mm squeegee insert for the 38mm floor tool, one 400mm brush insert for the 38mm floor tool, 38mm dusting brush, 38mm crevice tool. The PacVac HydroPro 76 is not fitted with a thermal overload. The “76” comes with a 2 year factory warranty on body and motor.

The PacVac HydroPro 76 wet and dry vacuum cleaner is emptied by unlatching the clips, disconnecting the hose and tipping out the solution or by using the drainage hose.