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SideWinder Carpet Tool - 380mm 15 inch Flexible Head


  • Model: tfcp-swct15


The SideWinder side to side sweeping action vacuum carpet tool is perfect for large open areas as well as being able to clean those tight places most other vacuum tools cannot achieve. The unique flexible design can clean quickly along baseboards, vents, edges, under and around furniture, etc.

The SideWinder carpet tool is used with a straight wand encouraging the user to stand upright reducing back and shoulder strain.

The SideWinder 15 inch carpet tool has a flexible head which fits onto a 32mm wand.

The “side to side” sweeping motion of vacuuming as opposed to the traditional “back and forth” motion will increase productivity. The flexible neck permits the tool to flex 90 degrees to the wand allowing the tool to vacuum across the width of the tool, vacuum end on, or to vacuum vertical surfaces with equal effectiveness.

A tool that reduces strain, saves time, and increases overall productivity . Plus, Plus, Plus

Please click here to view the video on the SideWinder tool: Sidewinder Carpet Tool (.WMV video)