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Waist Strap Ghibli T1 Back Pack Vacuum


  • Model: tfcp-ghibli t1-13


Ghibli T1 back pack vacuum cleaner waist band strap has a solid middle bar clip. Clips for the shoulder straps have a middle solid bar opening for attaching the waist belt to the shoulder straps.

The shoulder strap clips on the waist band have a middle solid bar clip to attach to the shoulder strap.

If the shoulder strap clip or the waist belt shoulder strap have a “split clip” they cannot connect to each other.

The across the chest strap has a “split clip” but it does not create a problem as it is a part of the shoulder strap assembly.

Depending on what version of the Ghibli backpack you have, both the bottom waist strap and the shoulder strap may have to be replaced.

Other replacement parts for the Ghibli T1, lid, clips, dust bag are available.

Images below indicate the type of solid middle bar clip that is on the Ghibli backpack shoulder and waist belt.