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Vacuum Hose Pistol Grip Handle-32mm Wand


  • Model: tfcp-svhpistolgrip


New, Improved, deluxe vacuum hose handle grip, bent end piece.

Improved? How?

Problem: The air suction adjuster always flicks out and then you have to tape over the opening.

FIXED: the plastic clip does not flick out.

Problem: The hose is split at the hose cuff. You need tools to remove and replace the vacuum hose from the bent end handle.

FIXED: cut the hose squarely at the damaged point and just screw the new pistol grip unto the hose, simple and easy.

Problem: My hand gets tired holding the vacuum hose handle

FIXED: curved handle design (ergonomic) for comfort plus the handle has raised finger grips for better control during vacuuming.

Problem: The vacuum hose bents and breaks at the base of the vacuum grip handle.

FIXED: a swivel cuff allows the pistol grip handle to move in a 360 degree circle without creating a “crink in the hose” stopping air suction flow.

Problem: The wand end of the bent end piece is broken, I slammed the door on it, I stepped on it, I do not know how it got broken.

FIXED: buy a new, improved swivel pistol grip handle.

TFCP creates solutions with the commercial cleaner in mind.