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Battery Origin Pacer Cordless Backpack



  • Model: tfcp-originpacerbatt


Replacement battery for Origin Pacer backpack, LiFePO4 long life battery.

Single battery usage time of 30 minutes, battery recharge time 1 hour 30 minutes.

Battery recharge cycles before battery may need to be replaced, LiFePO4 long life battery approx., 1800 cycles. The LiFePO4 long life battery offers more recharge cycles then LiPo or Li-Ion rechargeable cordless backpack batteries.

How long is 1800 cycles????---good question.

Let’s say you charge the battery twice a day. That makes 900 cycles so now we will divide 900 by 365 days = 2.46 years.

This is only a guide as there other factors which may come into play.