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Cloth Dust Bag-Alto-Starlite-Kerrick-Piggy Vac-Polivac


  • Model: tfcp-cb7


Reusable cloth dust bag for Alto Vision Vac, Clarke Power Vac, Cleanstar Starlite VBK, Kerrick VH060, VH070, Piggy Vac, Polivac BV1080.

The reusable bag has an oval (egg shape) opening 205mm x 130mm x 200mm long (deep) and white grey in colour.

Cleaning tip, do not wash the cloth bag as the fine dust in the membrane of the bag will harden an reduce the filtrating, suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

It is much better to brush the bag or to have a second cloth bag to place into the back pack with a paper bag inserted in the machine and vacuum the first cloth bag. The dust from the cloth bag will then be trapped by the paper dust bag.