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Glide Wispa 300 Canister PacVac



  • Model: tfcp-glideWispa300


The Glide Wispa 300 canister vacuum cleaner is powerful & lightweight. The Wispa 300 is easy to use for all dry area, noise sensitive vacuuming applications.

A quality Pacvac product, the Glide Wispa 300 is constructed from tough, impact resistance plastic. The canister has the air suction inlet positioned low on the vacuum cleaner barrel to avoid tipping when the canister is being “pulled around” during use. The Wispa is also designed with five non marking caster wheels for better stability and mobility.

The Wispa 300 canister vacuum cleaner has a 1300w flow-through motor for strong suction (38 lt per second air volume) in Wispa mode 31 lt per second air volume, 3 stage filtration for better dust control and air quality. The canister tank has a capacity of 15lt ( backpacks are in the range of 5lt) to allow you to “Glide” through and cover more area without stopping to empty the reusable cloth bag.

The Glide Wispa 300 operates at a noise level of 64dBa at a distance of 1.5m, but by turning a volume control switch the operating noise level can be reduced to 60 dBa at a distance of 1.5m, almost a whisper. With the additional use of paper dust bags, the Wispa 300 canister becomes HEPA and filters 99.99% of dust to 3 microns.

An all around canister vacuum cleaner suited for commercial, domestic use. Hospitals, medical centres, aged care facilities, nursing homes, homes, hotels, motels, hostels, service apartments, strata units, caravan park cabins, anywhere a compact, durable, noise reducible vacuum cleaner is needed.

The PacVac Glide Wispa 300 is lightweight (5.8kg) and fitted with a 18 metre power cord, an easy access on/off button, a clip rest for the wand on the vac handle for easy storage, reusable cloth dust bag and most important; a thermal overload cut off switch if the motor starts to overheat. Click here for more information on causes of overheating and remedies.

The PacVac Wispa 300 canister vacuum cleaner comes with a two piece 32mm wand, hose fitted with a 32mm pistol grip, low profile combo tool, crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, reusable cloth bag, a pack of 5 disposable paper bags and a graphics based product manual.

The body and motor are covered by a two year factory warranty. Abuse and misuse are not covered. As an example this vacuum is not made to suck up liquids, if you have wet or dry area vacuuming problems you may require a Pacvac HydroPro vacuum cleaner. The Glide Wispa 300 is mfg. In full compliance with Australian & International Standard IEC 60335-2-2.