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PacVac SuperPro 700 Wispa Back Pack



  • Model: tfcp-pacvac-wispa700


The PacVac SuperPro Wispa is a professional, very quiet, high quality, durable, lightweight backpack vacuum that can be used where noise levels control & green cleaning is required. Wispa 700 has strong suction, large capacity, clear lid for an easy “if full” check, and body moulded frame for wearer comfort. Complete accessories pack. Portable and ready to use, unpack, fit the hose and tools, adjust the harness, plug in, switch on and start vacuuming. The Superpro Wispa 700 is not suited for wet pick up, if this is needed; please refer to the Superpro 700 Duo. For larger spills and liquid pick up, a wet and dry vacuum needs to be used.

The Superpro Wispa 700 is fitted with an energy and volume control switch. This feature makes the Wispa quieter than normal backpacks but it is still left with plenty of suction for regular vacuuming. The Wispa 700 is designed for environmentally friendly green cleaning.

The SuperPro Wispa 700 is fitted with a thermal overload cut off switch if the motor starts to overheat. Click here for more information on causes of overheating and remedies.

Cloth bags, paper bags, Hypercone filter, filters, hose, tools, lid, harness, extension lead etc. are all replaceable if case of “wear out” or accidental breakage.

The PacVac Superpro Wispa 700 is the reliable backpack for professional cleaners cleaning offices, cafes, bistros, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, foyers, factories, laboratories, aged care facilities, nursing homes, child care centres, schools, universities, colleges, commercial buildings, stores, showrooms, motels, airports, etc. If the area that needs to be vacuumed requires minimum noise levels, e.g. aged care facilities, medical centres, hospitals, hotels, motels, etc., the PacVac Wispa is the answer. The “all-around” backpack. The Pacvac Superpro Wispa 700 can also be used for domestic, household vacuuming.

SuperPro Wispa 700 back pack Vacuum

Pacvac Vacuum Cleaner: SuperPro Wispa 700.

  • Ametek 1300 watt motor.
  • Clear Dome Lid – the offset inlet creates cyclonic airflow for stronger, more consistent airflow – more vacuuming power.
  • Hypercone™ Activeair filtration maintains airflow from the top down to provide continuous airflow – the motor runs cooler and lasts longer. The Hypercone™ lasts over 200 hours depending on duty cycles.
  • Ergonomically designed frame - new extended ‘body moulded’ frame for increased comfort and anatomically correct posture – a critical OH & S factor.
  • Adjustable Harness - Thicker, padded and fully adjustable to fit all body types.
  • Five star rated tfcp
  • Double looped cord restraint - prevents accidental disconnection of power cord.

Each machine comes with ....

  • Crevice Tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool- 32mm.
  • Extra cloth dust bag
  • Pack of 5 paper bags
  • Combination floor tool 32mm
  • 32mm Wands, set of two
  • Hose
SuperPro Wispa 700 back pack Vacuum accessories

Exposed cut away view of the PacVac Superpro 700 Wispa noting features SuperPro Wispa 700 back pack features
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  • Rated Power: 1300 watts
  • Voltage: 120 or 240 volts. 50/60Hz
  • Motor Type: Flow Through
  • Max. Vacuum: -26kPa-Normal Setting
  • Max. Vacuum: -16kPa-Wispa setting
  • Airflow: 39.45 Litres per second-Normal setting
  • Airflow: 29.13 Litres per second-Wispa setting
  • Noise Level: 66dBa (at 1.5m—IEC 60704)-Normal setting
  • Noise Level: 62dBa (at 1.5m---IEC 60704)-Wispa setting
  • Filtration: 4 stage, 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 micron
  • Tank Capacity: 5 litres
  • Weight: 5.0kgs
  • Warranty: 2 years on body & motor
  • Fitted with power socket for power head. [For correct power head, please click here.]