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Origin Pacer Cordless Back Pack-One Battery



  • Model: tfcp-originpacer1b


Origin Pacer cordless Lithium battery powered vacuum back pack—quiet, excellent suction, 440w bypass motor, high levels of filtration, left or right hand clear viewing lid, upward exhaust vents hidden in the wall protecting bumpers.

Cordless backpack allows for freedom to vacuum where there is heavy pedestrian traffic, in area where there is no electricity available, stairs, a go anywhere back pack.

The Pacer is convenient, with a single battery usage time of 30 minutes, battery recharge time 1 hour 30 minutes. Additional batteries can be purchased separately.

Easy change over for second battery, remove connection, unclip battery, replace with charged battery, re-clip and reconnect connection.

The Pacer charger uses innovated BMS (battery management system). The BMS prevents over-discharging and balances cell charge levels, when cells are fully charged, the charger switches off.

An important fact is that the Pacer uses a LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) battery as opposed to a Li-ion & LiPo batteries. Advantages are longer battery life, able to be re-charged without being drained of it’s power, less chance of overheating under the stress of rapid charging or heavy use.

The Pacer is fitted with a bypass motor instead of an flow through motor. The bypass motor allows cool, clean air to pass through electrical components reducing overheating plus if there is an accidently pick up of moisture the dampness does not enter the motor.

Dual body construction ensures no vacuum heat is transferred to the operator, padded shoulder and waist straps, carrying handle built into the frame with cable hanging hook for the charging lead.

Ergonomic comfort with flexible back support frame designed to rest on the operative’s hips, this achieves correct centre of gravity without the backpack touching the wearer's back. Adjustable 'wrap around' waist strap, contoured and tapered adjustable shoulder straps with secondary pads.

Comparable: PacVac SuperPro Battery 700, Tennant 3070B, Nilfisk GD5 Battery, Aerolite Flash, Numatic RSB140.

For more information on the plus features of the Origin BV series of backpacks please touch or click Origin Backpacks Information.

Origin Back Pack Model Pacer
Voltage 24
Motor Type 2 stage bypass Domel-high quality European
Thermal cut-out overload
Rated Power 440W
Air Flow L/sec 31
Vacuum Kpa 10
Sound Level dB(A)1.5 Meters 35
Filter Bag Polypropylene-capacity —reusable 5 Lt
Filtration (micron) 4 stage—95% at 0.1----98.98% at 0.3
Exhaust Filter Micron Filter
Carbon exhaust Filter No
Weight 6.1 Kg with Battery
Cable Length No lead needed for back pack
Protection Class  
Open Paper Bag Standard
Sealed Maxiflo Bag Optional
Powerhead Outlet No
Warranty 1 year commercial
Wands 2 piece aluminium
Vacuum hose 1.2m
Floor tool Deluxe Gulper
Battery One-24V 8.7A LiFePO4 charge time 1 h 30 min.
Charger One
Australian made Yes