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Ghibli T1v2 Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner | Ghibli T1



  • Model: tfcp-ghibliT1v2


The Ghibli T1v2 back pack is IMPROVED. Still easy to use, lightweight, low operating noise level, high suction, yellow for high visibility, great harness, and on board storage for tools but it now has some NEW additional features.

What’s NEW and IMPROVED. New latch design, right or left hand lid fitting, improved cable restraint, improved reusable airtight cloth filter bag and the best new feature, a power head socket.

Wow that ticks all the boxes. OK, let’s look at these boxes one by one.

The simple to connect 1.5m swivel hose now can be connected for either right or left hand use by the positioning of the lid. The back pack comes with two black powder coated 32 mm wands.

The lightweight back pack weighs 4.78kg but still has a quality 1450 watt “max power” motor with thermal overload protection as a standard feature.

Low operating noise level, 60 dbA. Most commercial back pack vacuums have a noise level of appox 64 dbA or higher. The quieter Ghibli reduces annoying high frequency operating noise allowing it to used in noise sensitive areas.

Just a quick guideline on dbA and remember distance plays a part in the hearing of noise. Every increase of 3 dbA represents a doubling of sound intensity but the human ear cannot accurately judge the doubling of the sound intensity. The loudness of a whisper is appox 30 dbA, ordinary conversation 60 dbA, small lawnmower 85 dbA, and a jackhammer 100 dba. So an increase from 60 dbA to 70 dbA sounds twice as loud but in reality has a tripling of sound intensity.

To cut to the chase, the Ghibli is a very quiet machine!

The airflow rate of 51 litres per second creates great suction to really get that deep clean. Imagine 51 one litre bottles being sucked up the vacuum hose every second. That’s impressive! Where does that air go? Good question. Out the sides of the machine which is fitted with exhaust deflector as not to blow paperwork off desks. The three stage filtration system keeps the dust inside the vacuum instead of being “blown around” the office.

Filtration is very important in retaining the dust inside the vacuum cleaner. With the Ghibli back pack the filtration is H 14 Hepa, the highest rating in Hepa.

The three stage filtration system consist of a 5 layer synthetic 3.3lt disposable paper bag which protects the other filters from “clogging up”, a 6.0lt cloth bag fitted with a metal ring around the top of the bag for strength and a round Hepa filter. The Ghibli is also fitted with an exhaust filter. All filters are replaceable. This system of filtration provides for a higher level of hygienic cleaning and vacuuming.

Yellow in colour so it is easy to see and find in the storage room or in the boot of the car.

A padded three strap harness system for wearer comfort. Yes, three straps, the over the shoulder straps, the waist band strap and a third strap that connects the over the shoulder strap to each other so as you bend over the shoulder straps do not fall off. The waist band strap has elastic loops for the storage of different vacuum tools. No hunting around, there they are at your finger tips. Another plus of the Ghibli T1 back pack is on board storage of tools at the end of the clean. This makes the tools easy to find when they are needed next time.

European design and manufacture with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. Replacement parts are available, please contact us. Remember to keep the filters clean to maintain a good suction level.

The cleaning attachments included with the Ghibli T1 are:
  • Black powder coated wand, 32mm, 2 ea and the following 32mm tools
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Furniture brush (upholstery)
  • Wessel-Werk low profile floor tool
  • Wessel-Werk turbo brush

Technical Specifications for the Ghibli T1 Backpack
Bag Capacity:6 lt cloth
Air Flow:51 litres per second
Lead Length:18 M
On-Board Tool Storage:Yes, Tool Caddy On-Board or waist band loops
Disposable Bag:Yes, synthetic paper 3.3 litre
Standard Filter:Micron, HEPA Filtration
Wattage:1450 max Watts
Noise Level:60 db
Weight:4.78 kg
Power head socket:Yes

Ghibli T1 Features
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