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Vacuum Turbo Brush-Hand Held-Chairs-Stairs-Suction Driven


  • Model: TFCP-ftth132b


Hand held vacuum turbo brush that is air driven by the suction of the vacuum cleaner. A mini turbo head idea for chairs, sofas, stairs, lounges, and car interiors.

The rotating brush pulls hair, pet hair, lint and in ground dirt from upholstery and being hand held, allows for “close-in” work.

The turbo vacuum tool comes with a detachable comb attachment used for carpet vacuuming but can be removed for more delicate cleaning.

This vacuum tool fits a 32mm wand.

Turbo brush tools are not recommended for wood or hard surfaces as the brush bristles may scratch the surface. The combination vacuum tool ( TFCP-ftw132-3 ) is an excellent floor tool for these areas.