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Vacuum tools/kit-Pet Hair |Dog Hair |Cat Hair-Fur |Universal Fit


  • Model: TFCP-PETKIT


Vacuum tools/kit - Pet Hair |Dog Hair |Cat Hair-Cat Fur |Universal Fit

A pet hair, dog hair, cat hair, cat fur vacuum tool kit that include the different attachments needed to vacuum pet hair in a home, car or business. The kit is composed of the lint picker for maximum pick up of dog hair, cat fur. Featuring a large ( 240 x 40mm) hair and lint pad which increases the cleaning power on stairs and soft furniture. The pet hair vacuum tool has an adjustable dial to increase or decrease suction. The two hair button can be pushed simultaneously to release the lint pad for cleaning or to reverse the vacuuming action from pulling to pushing.

The kit has an air driven turbo brush floor tool to help remove the pet hair by creating a brushing/sweeping action using the vacuum suction to turn the turbine brushes. This action creates additional cleaning power for removal of pet hair and embedded grime. Another plus, the tool is attached to the vacuum wand allowing it to be used in areas were an upright can seldom go.

A hand held air driven turbo brush is also included in the kit for a deep clean of stubborn dirt and hair in carpets. The hand held, mini turbo has an air driven rotating brush which is suitable for cleaning soft furnishing or hard to reach carpet areas. Great for pet hair and treads.

The kit comes with an universal adaptor which suits most vacuum cleaners.

For removing pet odours and stains Time For Cleaning Products recommends the all natural Enzyme Wizard Carpet Spot cleaner.