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Vacuum tool - Pet Hair |Dog Hair | Cat Hair-Fur | Universal Fit


  • Model: TFCP-FTPET


Vacuum tool - Pet Hair |Dog Hair | Cat Hair-Cat Fur | Universal Fit

A pet hair vacuum tool designed for maximum pick up of dog hair, cat fur. Featuring a large ( 240 x 40mm) hair and lint pad which increases the cleaning power on stairs and soft furniture.

The universal wand fitting (31-37mm) allows to the pet tool to be fitted to the wand in a similar fashion as a garden hose fitting is attached to a hose. The wand is inserted into the tool and the nut tighten until there is a snug fit.

The pet hair vacuum tool has an adjustable dial to increase or decrease suction. The two hair button can be pushed simultaneously to release the lint pad for cleaning or to reverse the vacuuming action from pulling to pushing.

TFCP also carries a vacuuming pet hair/fur removal kit which includes a larger range of tools.

To remove pet odour and staining Time For Cleaning Products recommends the all natural Enzyme Wizard Carpet Spot cleaner.