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Safety Switch | Residual Current Device | RCD In Line


  • Model: tfcp-rcdilorange


An “in the line” orange safety switch. The permanent RCD wired into the lead provides protection from faulty electrical equipment or appliances.

The RCD safety switch continually monitors the electric current flow and in case of a problem, the safety switch quickly “trips” and disconnects the power to the equipment or appliances.

A permanent hard wired RCD which is fitted to an extension lead for portable electrical equipment. The safety switch is suitable for vacuum cleaners, back packs, floor scrubbers, polishers, carpet extractors and power tools. The wired in safety switch cannot be left behind after a job, misplaced, or not be used as required by Workplace Regulations.

How to set and test a RCD.

Plug the RCD fitted lead into a power point, press the test button and the safety switch should disconnect the circuit. The test button introduces a current imbalance forcing the RCD to “trip”. If you press the test button and the RCD does not trip it may be because the RCD is faulty or there is no power to the RCD.

If the RCD does not trip when being tested it needs to be checked to see if it is operational (ok). It is there to protect you.

Remember to push RESET after testing.

This is an "in the extension lead" fitted 240V, 10 amp, 30mA, type 2 RCD that complies to ASNZS 3112:2004 Inc A1, ASNZS 3190:2002 Inc A1 with an approval no: SAA080143EA. This safety switch does not have a pig tail plug.

Being an “in line” safety switch that needs hard wiring, TFCP recommends that a licensed electrician does the fitting of the residual current detector.

Please click here for more information on RCDs and workplace regulations.