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Extension Lead RCD Safety Switch


  • Model: TFCP-RCD-CE2010


This is an easy way to become RCD compliant. Just unplug your old extension lead and replace it with an extension lead that has a built-in Residual Current Device. Simple, or add the extension lead to your electrical tool and you are compliant. Quick and easy.

A permanent "in-line" RCD safety switch for portable electrical equipment. Suitable for use with vacuum cleaners, back packs, floor scrubbers, polishers, extractors, drills, saws and power tools. Being "wired in, built-in, in-line" the user cannot leave the RCD behind after a job, misplace it, or not use the RCD as legally required.

An electrical safety switch or RCD that protects the user from possible electrocution by providing a fast power "cut off" in a problem situation.

The lead is fitted with a 10 amp male plug and the 10 amp female plug has a built in LED light to alert the user that that the "power is on" for additional safety. The extension lead is orange coloured, 10 amp, and 20m long. The RCD has an easy on/off button for testing.

Tested SAS AS/NZS 3190 Approval No. A/10643EA