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Combo Floor Tool


  • Model: tfcp-ctcombotool


New, improved design vacuum combo floor tool with “non fall off”, non streaking wheels. Combination low profile carpet and hard floor tool with wheels.

A combo low profile vacuum floor tool with non-fall wheels designed for vacuuming carpet and hard surface floors without having to change the floor tool.

The improved low profile vacuum tool design has had the small, tfcp front wheels relocated out of the air suction passage which reduces blockage and lint build-up. A single red lint/hair catcher provides for a larger throat opening allowing for larger debris to be vacuum without blocking the air flow.

The 32mm spigot neck can be rotated from side to side and at the same time be moved up and down to let the low profile combo tool be used around and under furniture. The floor tool is fitted with two rubber strips to direct air flow created by vacuum suction.

If you have used the Gulper combo floor tool and think it is good, and it is a great tool, you may be surprised with the efficiency and easy use of this combo vacuum head.

The dimensions for the quality Clean Tech combo tool are: 65mm blade width, 290mm head length with a working height of 75mm. The vacuum tool fits a 32mm wand.