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Cleaning Trolley Healthcare Aged Care Hospital



Customized to your facility’s needs, TTs Interclean healthcare cleaning trolleys, lockable cleaning cart, from small to large, in the cleaning cart style used at Mater, Macquarie, St Vincent Hospital, Emmaus, Holy Spirit Aged Care facilities or you can create your own style, the Magic cleaning trolley system is the bees knees.

Suitable for aged care facilities, medical centres, hospitals or any location that a special, lockable, built to your needs cleaning trolley is required.

These healthcare trolleys have been designed for the cleaner to have every cleaning tool at their finger tips. Lockable cabinet, lockable drawers, lockable doors, lockable personal items compartment, a built in record keeping compartment, waste bags, laundry bags, drawers, buckets, chemical compartment, storage for microfibre mop pads, hooks and handle holders for microfibre flat mops or bio aqua mops. Designed and modified for your needs.

The cleaning trolley can be as small or as large as required but as a point of reference the basic starting point is the same size as the familiar blue janitorial cleaning trolley but with many more features. The healthcare trolley is a mobile cleaning work station, load the trolley with supplies and cleaning equipment and start your cleaning duties without having to travel back and forth to the cleaning supply room.

The neat, tidy, clean look of the TTs magic trolley gives your facility a professional feel. The concealed cleaning supplies offer protection to guest and patients and at the same time creating a better organized cleaning system. Important cleaning equipment is colour coded and the cleaning trolley is constructed from high impact plastic for easy cleaning of the trolley. The trolley has large, non marking, wheels for easy manoeuvrability. The wheels are also lockable to keep the trolley parked and stable.

High quality, great appearance, durable, easy to use, time saving makes the TTs magic cleaning trolley value for money. A cleaning trolley is an investment so a customize, mix and match trolley designed for your location is smart thinking. Another plus with this cleaning trolley is if your situation changes it can be dis mantled and re built to fulfil your new requirements.

Below are just some of the examples of healthcare cleaning trolleys that can be created, anything is possible. Pricing on application due to variable nature of each work station trolley.

Operational Macquarie Elegance-4
Operational Macquarie Elegance-4 - A healthcare cleaning trolley loaded with cleaning equipment, consumables, microfibre mops, waste bags, laundry bags, warning signs, etc. A mobile cleaning work station.

Oscar open-2
Oscar open-2 - On a small base, 120lt coloured coded waste bag or laundry bag, top shelf basin for cleaning buckets, middle basin for micro fibre cloths or microfibre mopping pads.

Oscar open-2
Emmaus closed 2 - A closed, secure healthcare trolley that has small base, enclosed waste bag compartment, basins and buckets for microfibre cloths and mop covers

Macquarie Elegance-4
Macquarie Elegance-4 - A multipurpose healthcare cleaning trolley that creates a mobile work station. Lockable doors, internal drawers for consumables supplies, waste bags, personal items compartment, buckets for microfibre cloths and coloured coded buckets for different cleaning areas microfibre mopping pads, handle holders for flat mops or bio aqua mop.

Majestic safety hermetic
Majestic safety hermetic - A large base cleaning trolley that has two 70lt waste and laundry bags, enclosed locked central area for consumables, coloured coded cleaning buckets with lids in an easy accessible position, and a convenient place for microfibre mopping pads.

Vincent basic 2
Vincent basic 2 - This healthcare cleaning trolley has two central storage areas that drawers can be fitted within for variable cleaning products or supplies, basin for buckets, buckets, waste bag, covered work area form holder.

Vincent safety 2
Vincent safety 2 - This is an example of the same trolley as above with but with lockable doors and panels added to increase security and safety.

George Concealed Tec 1
George Concealed Tec 1 - This cleaning trolley has lockable storage, waste bag, location for cleaning buckets and a space for the smart mopping bucket. A good design for cleaning facility with large hard floor areas.

Mater 4
Mater 4 - The ultimate healthcare cleaning trolley, all buckets are sealed, all supplies are locked and secure, the waste bag is hidden from sight, the lockable personal items and work notes compartment is installed. The trolley for the professional look.

Mater Dual Waste 1
Mater Dual Waste 1 - This trolley was designed for waste and laundry collection with a central section containing some cleaning supplies for spot cleaning.

In summary the TTs healthcare cleaning trolley has many possible designs. The cleaning work station customize for your requirements with the ability to be re designed if the need arises. A cleaning trolley for now and the future. Contact TFCP for help and advice.