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Carpet Cleaning Enzyme Product

19th March, 2015

Dear Jamie.

I want to let you know that for the past few months, we have been using your carpet cleaning enzyme product as an important part of our dry carpet cleaning & mattress cleaning system.

I have two stories from this week I would like to share.

I was called by a customer to clean the carpet of a deceased estate in the Redlands, east of Brisbane. The customer was skeptical to say the least. She said upon our arrival that she was told that hot water extraction was the only way the carpets could be cleaned. She said she didn’t believe my system would work. I just smiled and began work.

I sprayed the carpets with your carpet spotting enzyme and got to work. Before her eyes, the stains and grime disappeared. She got her Galaxy phone out and began taking pictures and video footage. She said, “This is amazing. I can’t wait to tell everyone how good this is. No more smell or dirt!”

The second job I wish to highlight was in the Q1 building, Surfers Paradise. A king mattress with a huge urine spill left an ugly, smelly stain in the middle of the mattress. As part of my usual mattress cleaning process, I sprayed Enzyme Wizard on the urine, agitated it and sucked it back out. To the customer’s amazement, the urine stain disappeared before their very eyes. The smell too, disappeared.

In summary, I have some very happy customers. They want results, Enzyme Wizard provide a means to satisfy them.

Thanks for a great product, Jamie.

Daren Barwick


Enzyme Wizard - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

In our Motel we have bedspreads which are too big to fit into our commercial washing machines, so when they need cleaning we have to have them dry-cleaned at $25 a time. We have trialled many spray-on products to spot clean marks, but they all leave a ring when they dry and then we have to use water to get the ring off the bedspread. Geoff from Astro suggested that we give Enzyme Wizard - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner a go - We spray the product onto the mark and give it a rub then leave it a couple minutes and spray it again and give it a final rub. WOW what a difference this product has made to us. It works wonders, and it has cut our dry-cleaning bill considerably!

Enzyme Wizard - Surface Spray

Because we have had such great success with the Wizard products, we decided to give the Enzyme Wizard Surface Spray a go. Our cleaning staff are amazed at how good it is compared to the product we have used for 5 years. Surface Spray cuts through grease, brings stainless steel up really shiny and cleans the bench tops really well. In our spa baths we have always used Jif cream cleanser to make the baths sparkling clean this is quite a time consuming process. The staff decided to give the Surface Spray a go - they are over the moon with how easy it makes the cleaning of the baths. After cleaning the baths we always do the touch test to make sure that the surface of the bath is shiny to touch, the Surface Spray definitely brings them up really well and it shortens the time spent cleaning a bath after people have had a long soak in it.


Enzyme Wizard Trials At Townsville Food Manufacturer

Please see these outstanding results at a major manufacturing plant in Queensland. (Bakery)

Download: Enzyme Wizard Trials At Townsville Food Manufacturer (PDF)

Our Grease & Waste digestor has eliminated odours, prevented over flows, reduced the amount of pump outs required (huge dollar saving) and most importantly stopped the company from being fined by the council.

If you have or know of GREASE TRAP and URINAL issues, this product is second to none with its MULTI ENZYME FORMULA.

Jamie Flinkier
Enzyme Wizard

06/03/12, Enzyme Wizard Grease and Waste Digestor

After experiencing a problem with thrips and fruit flies in our kitchen and bar area we tried many different products and consulted several pest control companies which were unsuccessful and costly. To our amazement it wasn’t until we tried Enzyme Wizard Grease and Waste Digestor in our drains, sinks and toilets for 2 -3 weeks that the pests were eliminated. We would highly recommend this product for others in the hospitality industry.

- Joe DiCintio

Balencea Restaurant
454 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, 3004
Ph (03) 9867 4466

Neutral Detergent Wipes

We have been using the Reynard neutral detergent wipes, which are now a necessity for our pubs, as cleanliness is such an important part of any food & beverage operation.

They are hygienic, easy to use, convenient & efficient.

Our staff love using them as they can slip a packet into their bar aprons and don’t have to juggle a spray bottle whilst handling a dirty chux.

The tables and all surfaces dry quickly and there are no streaky marks left behind.

There is no possibility of spraying chemicals on either patrons or staff.

They are versatile in their uses too, for wiping tills, benches & the coffee machine.

All our venues agree that we will never go back to chemical spray bottles & dirty chux again!

- A. Gallagher, Group Operations Manager, Union Hotel

In regards to the Reynard Neutral Detergent wipes. We at Wangaratta Childcare Centre have found that using the wipes has been very beneficial for our service. We use the wipes to clean tables and benches and nappy change areas. The wipes are easy to use and will clean a large surface area. By using the wipes we no longer have to mess around with other detergents, sprays and cleaning cloths. After we have used the wipe it goes into the bin.

What sold us on the wipes was the information we received from Reynard Health explaining how after repeated use with alcohol based wipes virus molecules will begin to stick to a surface and with neutral detergent they are wiped away. This is important to us; especially on surfaces which many children have access too. In Childcare we need to be very careful with our cleaning as there are many opportunities for cross contamination between person (A) to person (B) and the neutral wipes allows us to this.

Thank-you for your suggestion to use the neutral wipe instead of the alcohol wipe it has saved us a lot of work.

- S. Furlan, Co-ordinator, Wangaratta Childcare

No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Bakers Delight logo
For many years we had great difficulty in cleaning the terracotta tiles in the high traffic customer area of our bakery. A significant amount of grime would build up in the grout line between the tiles and this was virtually impossible to remove. We identified that this grime build up was as result of using detergent, hence tallow or fat based cleaners and when the mopping water dried out we were left with the fat residue that attracted dirt and hence the build-up. We had our floors professionally cleaned to remove this grime and from that point forward we have only used Enzyme Wizard – no rinse Floor Cleaner” and two years on we have still not had any grime build up. Total floor maintenance is now a much easier task… Thanks to you and the team at Enzyme Wizard

- Graeme Grieve, Baker's Delight CARNEGIE

No Rinse Floor Cleaner


We have been using Enzyme Wizard in our kennels for about 4 months now. We transitioned to Enzyme Wizard after reassessing our cleaning procedures to make sure what we were using was both cost-effective and efficient for volunteers and staff to easily use. Enzyme Wizard “No Rinse Floor Cleaner” appealed to us as it is safe to use around the animals, removes grease, grime and animal waste build up and did not make the floor slippery like some other detergents. We use it with the Hydrofoamer hose applicator, which makes daily cleaning schedules a breeze, leaving more time to exercise and train the animals at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home ready to find new homes!

- Caroline Hamilton – Animal Care Manager, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home logo

   T: 9587 9611
   M: 0488 688 836
   F: 9588 9569
   E: foster@sydneydogsandcatshome.org
   Visit us at: 77 Edward Street CARLTON NSW 2218


Urine and Odour Treatment Product

Hi Jamie

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy my customers have been with your new Urine and Odour treatment product.

The feedback I’m receiving from customers is overwhelming, with comments like “easy to use” and “very affective on dog urine”.

I have personally used it in numinous situations both urine and other odour situations with fantastic results.

Again I must say that the products you supply are without a doubt some of the best I’ve used. Keep up the good work

Cheers Steve Penn

Steve Penn
Ph 0407 847 781
Ah 03 5368 2378 24
Hr Emergency Service