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Pad Holder Hand Held- Scrub Pad-Scour Pad-Stripping Pad


  • Model: tfcp-edco 18118


Hand held cleaning pad holder, HACCP approved, can be used with Eager Beaver, Doodlebug, Edco cleaning, scrubbing, and stripping pads. Hook & loop fitting.

The scrubbing pad holder can be used with all brands of coloured pads, white, red, blue, green, brown and black. The utility pad gripper is hand held and has a hook and loop bottom for easy attachment of the cleaning pad. Perfect to clean hard to reach places, corners and shower recesses.

The hand held pad holder is suited to use with the Edco power pads, Eager Beaver stripping pads, Doodlebug scouring pads, 3M floor maintenance pads. Pad holder dimensions: L238 x W95 x H75mm. There is ample room in the handle for a large hand and the moulded handle allows for a firm grip.

Pads are sold separately. For suitable pads see tfcp-edco18130.

A cleaning tip, to achieve longer use of the cleaning pad, remove it from the scrubbing pad holder and turn it over.