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SDS Wall Folder-SDS Sheets Holder


  • Model: tfcp-sdsbinderwf


SDS information sheet storage folder, poly plastic for water resistance, light weight, compact, hi-vis yellow and black design. The SDS storage box has two pre punched holes for wall or door mounting or it can be used as a portable folder. Quick and easy reference for what chemicals are stored in a particular location in case of an emergency.

The Hi-vis yellow and black folder can be used for “fingertip access” to SDS information for chemicals located on cleaning trolleys, janitor carts, forklifts, trucks, cars, tractors; and chemicals used by pool cleaners, tradesman, contract cleaners, cleaners, etc. Ideal for a child care centre.

A visible, portable SDS folder for storing safety information. The folder easily holds approx. 5-6 SDS product information sheets.

Store your Safety Data Sheets where they're needed for easy access. Using a smaller folder for different areas of a facility, factory, chemical storage and cleaning rooms allows for the SDS information to be quickly accessed without being confused by SDS sheets that are not pertinent to that area.

For example if you are healthcare centre, club, child care or a large school and have multiple areas of chemical storage ( housekeeping, kitchen, outdoor maintenance) you could have a master SDS binder in administration and smaller folders in appropriate locations. For instance, in the kitchen you are using 5 cleaning chemicals and you require 5 SDSs, this folder will store them. No need to confuse the kitchen staff with SDSs on pool chemicals.

If you are handling chemicals you require a SDS’s for safety and an easy way to locate the sheets.

A Guide to Understanding Material Safety Data Sheets

Included with the SDS wall hanging storage box is the “A Guide to Understanding Material Safety Data Sheets”.