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SDS Binder Complete


  • Model: tfcp-sdsbinderc


SDS binder complete with SDS information sheet, GHS image sheet, 2 packs of ten index dividers with index cover sheet, 50 ea plastic SDS sheet protectors.

The binder is ready to use, insert the SDSs necessary for your work place, create the index, the page sheet protectors provide an easy method to change or update SDSs, a simple way to add SDSs if needed.

The SDS-MSDS 4 ring binder has a yellow and black safety strip design for high visibility. The SDS Binder holds up to 400 typical A4 SDS's and each SDS Binder comes with a 1 page laminated Guide to Understanding SDS forms and a GHS information sheet. The user guide sheets feature colourful illustrations with an explanation on How to Use and Understand the information on“ Safety Data Sheets”.

The binder also comes with 2 packs of index dividers. There is an index cover page that is numbered one to ten to list the SDS’s that are stored inside the SDS binder and 10 dividers to separate the SDS’s for easy access. The second set of index dividers can be used for PIS (product information sheets-how the product is used-dilution, etc.)

For the safe storage of the SDS forms there are 50 clear A4 protector sheets included. The protector sheets are high quality, glass clear polypropylene with a 60 micron thickness for durability. Portrait style sheets - bound on long side, open on short side for easy insertion or removal of SDS sheets.

The easy way to meet government requirement to store Safety Data Sheets - Material Safety Data Sheets. Store critical SDS information in a highly visible SDS binder.

The product image indicates a two ring binder but a four ring binder is supplied. Experience has taught us that with the 4 ring binder there is less chance of page “rip out” and the information stays “flatter in the binder.