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Foam Soap-Cartridge-Luxury Soap-Extra Large-Euro


  • Model: tfcp-hfsrefill


Luxury foam soap cartridge refill for the Euro range cartridge system.

The gentle, moisturised, luxurious, white foam soap is formulated for light-duty hand-cleaning. The large volume 1350 ml cartridge refill is easy to load and reduces the chance of cross-contamination which may occur with bulk dispensers.

The cartridge refill provides for a minimum 1700 measured shots of foam soap for hand washing.

Each cartridge is fitted with a new pump to ensure there are no leaks or drips. Plus, the larger cartridge size saves time by reducing the frequency of recharging of the dispenser.

Foam soap is economical and water-saving so, for the best value in hand-hygiene, the Euro Foam Soap System is hard to beat.

Please note there is also a foam sanitiser cartridge available that is effective against 99.9% of bacteria.

Please click here for the MSDS (PDF).