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Blue Glimmer Floc Block


  • Model: tfcp-bgfb


A blue floc block used to make the pool water sparkle, glimmer and clear. Stops pool water turning green by removing phosphates. Unwrap, place in skimmer basket and filter. A non toxic flocculent block, eco-friendly and it works.

Time tested ORIGINAL formula for removing orthophosphates (algae food) and stain causing metals from pool water.
Every pool owners dream
Glimmer like the ocean
Sparkle like the sea
That’s what I want my pool to be!

sparkling pool

Why does my neighbour’s pool have clear and sparkling water?

Easy answer, they use Blue Glimmer Floc Blocks.

What causes a pool to be murky and turn green especially after rain?

It is caused by suspended particles (colloids)in the water that are too small for the filtration system to retain in the filter media (sand), dissolved phosphates that are food for algae causing an algae population boom indicated by green colour pool water plus the adding of un chlorinated rain water ( which also contains phosphates).

Why does the pool light beam look hazy?

The very small particles that are in suspension in the pool water will cause the pool light beam to diffuse and look hazy.

before after

OK, how can I fix the problems without a lot of work?

Let us assume that you have the pool chemicals in balance with the correct PH level because this is a great staring point and will get you a quicker result, especially if the pool party is in a couple of days.

In a nutshell this is how the Blue Glimmer Pool Floc Block works.

You remove the Blue Glimmer Block from the plastic wrapping ( the wrapping protects the block from “drying out” and becoming in-effective), place the blue block into the skimmer basket and run your pool filter as normal. Now you have the floc block working for you cleaning the pool water immediately. Easy!

How is it doing this?

The Blue Glimmer block is releasing a bonding agent that “glues” the tiny particles and algae spores into larger particles which allows the filtration media to entrap the larger particles and remove them from the pool water. The blue gel cube increases the efficiency of your sand filter by gathering the microscopic and stain causing metals together and making them filterable. Simple!

The water is being treated between the skimmer box and the pool filter resulting in entrapment of particles in the filter as opposed to a pool clarifier which makes the particles in the water “heavy” and sink to the bottom of the pool waiting for you to vacuum the muck out.

If the pool filter system starts to appear to become sluggish, it is recommended that the filter be backwashed and rinsed and if you are able to view the backwash discharge you will notice all the solids being removed from your pool instead of being recycled over and over throughout your pool filtering system.

Just because i am curious where do all these phosphates come from and can I keep them out of my pool? Where do they come from?

Everywhere, from lawn and garden fertilizers ( the kids run across the lawn and jump into the pool), dust, adding water to your pool, bird droppings, leaves, twigs, or tree bark, pool chemicals with phosphorous based ingredients, residue detergent left in bathers swimmers, soap, cosmetics, shampoo, hair conditioners, rain and to top it off when sanitise your pool or shock treat the pool water the resulting dead algae releases phosphates back into the water to use as food to re-establish itself.

No, you cannot keep the phosphates from entering your pool but you can remove them using the Blue Glimmer Floc Block.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes, a reduction in pool chemical cost because by removing suspended particles you allow for the sanitiser to remain as free chlorine(able to act on contaminants) instead of being combined chlorine (bonded to and acting on contaminants). So less suspended particles result in less chemicals needed to maintain pool water quality. Win, Win. Click here for lab results.

No measuring, no hassle, the dissolved block will tell you when to refill. One 170g blue gel block treats up to 50,000 litres of pool water for 30 days.

Not recommended for cartilage or diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters.

Able to be used in chlorine and salt water pools.

Care needs to be exercised when using pool or any other chemicals.

Take the time to check out the enviro friendly, non toxic, non soap, non phosphates cleaners available to tidy and make the pool area gleam. No harsh chemicals to dull surfaces.

Blue Glimmer Pool Surround & Path Cleaner, Blue Glimmer Mould Cleaner, Blue Glimmer Spray & Wipe, Blue Glimmer BBQ Cleaner. All products are safe for People, Pets and Planet.