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Garbage Bag 240 lt Black | Medium / Heavy Duty | Bin Liner


  • Model: tfcp-24010025


Wheelie Bin, Otto Bin, Big Bin, The 240, so many different names for this rubbish bin but the 240 lt black plastic bin liner fits them all.

The idea of using a bin liner is to reduce the time needed to clean bins by trying to contain the waste and spills inside the bin liner ( but we know this doesn’t always happen so for large jobs of bin cleaning refer to the foam gun sprayer).

The 1450mm length and 1140 width allows for ample fold over to stop the bag from collapsing into the bin.

Made from LDPE and with a U.M. rating of 25 micron. The rating reflects the strength of the bag due to the plastic blend of the bag, not the thickness. The 240lt premium bin liner offers extra strength for heavier rubbish.

Packed in a ctn of 4 packs of 25=100 per ctn.

Quantity discounts are available.