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Paper Towel Sizes

A guide in choosing the correct interleaf, interleaved, multi-fold towel, compact, super trim paper towel.

There are three basic formats of folded paper towel, they are slim/slimline, ultra slim, and compact.

So the question becomes which is which? Most paper towels have approximately the same length when unfolded so the style of the towel is determined by the width when the towel is in its folded, flat position.


Type of Paper Towel
Dimensions in the folded, flat position (approx)
23.5 cm x 8 cm
ultra slim
23.5 cm x 6 cm
20 cm x 5 cm


If you have an empty paper towel dispenser and no paper towel you can measure the width and depth (not the height) to help you determine which type of towel you may need.

If you have no dispensers, the area of use and space will guide you in deciding which paper towel dispenser and paper towel best suits your needs.

If you still are uncertain please call the friendly staff at TFCP for assistance.