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Toilet Paper-3 ply-Toilet Tissue-Soft Pack


  • Model: TFCP-tpswan300


A strong, extra soft, white, virgin paper, embossed, 3 ply, 300 sheet toilet tissue roll. For times you feel you deserve pampering. Time For Cleaning Products “most popular” and “best selling’ luxurious toilet paper. Each perforated, unscented toilet roll is packed 4 rolls per blister pack, 12 packs per poly pack = 48 rolls/pack.

The plastic poly-pack is a positive feature for storage as it is moisture resistant. The easily opened blister pack is a plus for quick refilling of dispensers as there is no time wasted in undoing wrapping. This toilet paper offers value for money and is suited for use in many locations including office washrooms, shopping centres, motel, hotel, hostels, schools, and child care centres.