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Elyse Ultraslim TAD Hand Towel Long


  • Model: tfcp-elyse lux4456


Optimum TAD Luxury 4456 interleaved Ultraslim paper hand towel, long sheet, quilted texture, size 23cm x 30cm x 6mm depth, pack size 120s x 20 packs = 2400s per carton.

New TAD technology offers better quality, presentation, additional absorbency, softness and paper towel strength. Elyse ultraslim paper towel with TAD ( the TAD means Through-Air-Drying) technology adds volume and user comfort to the paper towel.

This structure of the paper towel reduces the amount of paper towel used per hand dry resulting in a reduction in wastage. The TAD technology restricts the amount of shredding, tabbing and mushing that often occurs with standard interleaved ultraslim paper towel.

Will fit all ultraslim dispensers, if you are unsure which paper towel size you require, click/touch paper towel sizing for help or contact the team at TFCP.

Quantity discounts and pallet prices are available. Please contact TFCP for assistance.