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Colour Chart Guideline for Cleaning-Laminated



Laminated chart to aid in the teaching of cleaners where to use different coloured coded cleaning products. The aim of a coloured coded cleaning system is to help prevent cross contamination and to improve hygiene. A quick reference chart for purchasing officers to check which products are used for different cleaning areas. This information helps when starting a cleaning system or buying replacement products.

This is a guide only and you can create your own system to best fit your situation. The blue is widely accepted as the colour code for general cleaning and the red is also widely accepted for washroom cleaning. The red coloured products for washrooms should not be used in other areas to reduce the chance of spreading germs and cross contamination.

An example of a change in the cleaning chart colour system is a factory may implement using yellow coloured cleaning products such as a mop bucket, or broom to aid in safety. Normally a yellow mop bucket would be used in an infectious area, as in a patient’s room that has a very bad flu. This is not the environment that would exists in a manufacturing or a distribution warehouse.