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Wall Washing Cleaning Pad Techno-Clean Wall-E


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  • Model: tfcp-techno-clean-wall-E-pad


Antibacterial microfibre wall cleaning cover, colour coded, wall washing, ceiling cleaning, telescopic pole wall cleaning, hand reach grabber tool pad.

Wall-E (I think the E stands for easy) wall washing microfibre pad from Techno-Clean has a high quality silver anti-bacterial cloth sewn into a “hills and dales” pattern onto a Velcro backing that allows cleaning of walls and ceiling surfaces up to 70% quicker than using the “cloth in your hand” method. Attaching the Wall-E microfibre pad to a holder allows for you to clean walls without having to touch the surface.

The bumpy surface of the Interclean Wall-E pads allow the pad to slide over the wall surface without “grabbing”. Microfibre wall cleaning covers entrap dirt and reduce drying times. Wall-E microfibre covers can laundered up to 95 degrees Celsius approximately 500 times making the covers an economical option. The covers are Velcro attached for easy fitting or removing from the pad holder. The pads are ideal for infectious area cleaning as they can be attached to a holder, either a hand held pad holder or a pole fitted pad holder.

The microfibre wall washing pads are antibacterial, bleach resistance, colour coded and Velcro backed for easy fitting to holders. The Wall-E wall washing microfibre cover system allows you to wash and dry vertical and horizontal surfaces in a minimum amount of time making the system the best way to clean large surfaces. The pads are ideal for cleaning of walls in the healthcare, aged care, retail, food processing, commercial, gyms, fitness centres and hospitality areas.

The microfibre covers are completely colour coded for easy identification and are available in blue, green, red, white and yellow. Dimensions: L26 x W12cm.

The Wall-E pad is best used with a hand held Velcro stripped pad holder or a reach grabber which has a full area of male Velcro hooks that grabs and locks onto the pad completely. The reach grabber comes in two versions, either hand held or telescopic pole fitted.

For more information regarding the silver antibacterial abilities of the Wall-E Wall Washing Pad click here.