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Microfibre Mopping Pad-Scrub & Dry


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  • Model: tfcp-ic-sd40v


Touchpoint healthcare quality scrub & dry antibacterial microfibre mopping cover. Suitable for any 40cm Velcro backed flat frame, Bio Healthcare Aqua Mop, or TTs flat frame.

The microfibre mopping pads are impregnated with silver ions which suffocate most bacteria that are entrapped in the microfibre mopping cover making the mop covers antibacterial.

These microfibre mops can be implemented in a “pre-soaked” microfibre mopping healthcare system.

The extra length and width, 420mm x 130mmm, of the pad allows for the mop cover to wrap itself around the frame head to easily clean corners, edges and skirting boards. Designed with diagonal scrub strips for deeper cleaning and lower surface friction. The pad is constructed with extra internal microfibre cloths to create a high level of absorbency.

The scrub and dry pad can be laundered over 750 times at 75 degrees C.

The Interclean Touchpoint silver antibacterial scrub and dry microfiber Velcro mop comes completely colour-coded and is available in red, blue, green or yellow to aid in controlling cross-contamination.

The scrub and dry microfibre mopping pad is designed for tiles, slate, and non-slip rated floors with raised abrasives.

Green cleaning, sustainable cleaning is what is achieved using a microfibre mopping system. A better level of hygiene, more grime removal, less chemical, less water, less dirty solution left on the floor are the results when using microfibre mop cleaning pads.

The Touchpoint clean and dry mopping pad is recommended for smooth floors.