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Velcro Flat Mop Pad Holder Microfibre


  • Model: tfcp-incflatmop


Velcro flat frame pad holder designed for Velcro backed microfibre mops. High impact plastic, corrosion free with head locking feature. Pre soaked bucketless mopping system.

The flat frame can be used with any Velcro backed microfibre mopping pad. The replaceable dual Velcro strips hold the microfibre mopping covers firmly in place. The locked/unlocked feature allows for the standard figure eight mopping method or easy wall cleaning. Unlocked the mopping flat frame swivels and in the locked position the head is firmly held in place.

The lightweight, low profile Velcro frame allows for easy mopping under beds, night stands, furniture, tables and chairs, hall stands, etc. The flat frame is easily attached to a telescopic aluminum mop handle that can be adjusted to the correct height for mopping or extended to do high reach cleaning.

This “no mop bucket” mopping system is designed to be used with the pre soaked microfibre mop pad cleaning method but can be also used with a spray bottle for cleaning of small areas.

The Interclean flat mop Velcro head can be used in either dry or damp mopping and is fitted with yellow disks for inserting of disposable microfibre dusting cloths. The Velcro mop holder is 40cm long and can be used with any clean & dry, scrub & dry Velcro backed microfibre mop.