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Telescopic Mop Handle TTS Techno-Clean Interclean


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  • Model: tfcp-ictelehandle


Colour coded telescopic handle for TTS, Techno Clean Velcro flat frame mop system, reach grabber, shaggy duster, folding snap mop system, adjustable to 1.8m.

The adjustable handle has a new improved handle grip with a non-slip coating, this ergonomically design offers good grip even with wet gloves, and the non-slip coating prevents sliding of the handle when it is resting against a wall. The rounded upper design of the handle provides a comfortable secure hand grip for the user.

The telescopic mop handle can be easily adjusted for the best ergonomically mopping height or the telescopic handle can be extended and used for high reach cleaning.

The adjustable aluminium mop handle is colour coded to aid in reducing cross contamination and is made to be used with the “C- clip fitting” of TTS microfibre mopping frames and cleaning tools. The strong 25mm handle can be extended from 1100 to 1800mm. This is easily done with a slight twist of the inner handle allowing for it to slide out and when the correct length is achieved, a slight counter twist to lock the handle into place.

Telescopic handles allow different height workers to use the same mopping tool in correct ergonomic safety. It is recommended that the mop handle be adjusted to chin height to reduce fatigue and to do the figure eight method of mopping effectively.

The non-corrosive aluminium telescopic handle comes colour coded and is available in blue, green, red, yellow or grey.