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Techno-Clean Scrub-E Wall & Floor Scrub Mop Anti-bac Microfibre


  • Model: tfcp-techno-clean 30cmscrub-E


Wall washing with Wall-E, Scrub-E Techno-Clean silver anti-bacterial microfibre wall washing cover, floor scrubbing pad, 30cm Velcro backed.

Colour coded wall washing or floor scrubbing microfibre cleaning pad. The special combination of microfibre and inserted scrubbers with a folded front edge design will scrub and clean corners, scrub and clean walls and floors with ease. The 30cm Velcro backed microfibre cover is best suited for tiles and the shorter design allows it to be used with multiple cleaning tools.

This silver anti-bacterial microfibre mopping pad can be used with the Interclean 30cm Aqua Mop, 30cm Velcro stripped flat frame, 30cm Velcro stripped hand held pad holder, hand held reach grabber, and the pole fitted reach grabber. The telescopic pole fitted reach grabber with locking function has a full area of male Velcro hooks to hold the microfibre cleaning cover securely in place during cleaning.