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Stainless Steel Microfibre Cloth


  • Model: tfcp-mfgssc500


Scrim (ultrafine) micro spun, microfibre, grey stainless steel cleaning cloth. Eco cleaning, no harsh chemicals, bacteria, grime and dust entrapment, easier cleaning.

This deluxe, top of the line stainless steel cleaning cloth is 99.9% microfibre making it lint free, can be used as a dry duster or damp as a cleaning cloth. The cloth is chemical free so it is ideal for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.

This cloth can be used on all shiny surfaces and leaves the surface residue-free. As all microfibre works better damp, to use this cloth you wet it, then wring the cloth as dry as possible, refold the cloth and start cleaning. The best result is achieved by leaving a fine mist on the surface for a quick dry. Since no chemicals are used to clean, this cloth will help in allergy control.

Made of a high quality microfiber, this cloth is great for removing fingerprints, smudges and other oil-based grime from steel surfaces such as refrigerators, ovens, fixtures and other appliances.

Microfibre in itself will not scratch surfaces but with its ability to entrap grime a component of the grime may become abrasive. Care by the user needs to be exercised in these situations.

This large stainless steel cleaning cloth is 580mm x 400mm in size and can be laundered for reuse, no bleach during washing. The cloth can be hand washed or machined washed without detergents or conditioners at a cold water setting.