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Reach Grabber Wall-E Scrub-E Microfibre


  • Model: tfcp reach grabber pole


Telescopic pole fitted reach grabber Wall-E, Scrub-E, glass cleaning microfibre covers. TTS, Interclean, Techno-Clean

The reach grabber has a full flat bottom surface containing male Velcro hooks to “lock on” firmly to the Velcro backed Wall-E, Scrub-E or the glass cleaning microfibre pads. The telescopic pole fitted pad holder allows for flat surfaces to be cleaned quickly while keeping the hands of the cleaner away from the surface that is being cleaned.

The compact design of the reach grabber along with the ability to be fitted to a telescopic pole makes this a good cleaning tool for walls, ceiling, glass and other high reach cleaning jobs. The TTS reach grabber has a locking feature to retain the frame head in a steady position or can be unlocked to be used in the figure eight cleaning method. Another quality product from Interclean.