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Microfibre Window Cloth


  • Model: tfcp-mfbsc500


Scrim (ultrafine) micro spun, microfibre, blue general purpose window cleaning cloth. Eco cleaning, no harsh chemicals, bacteria, grime and dust entrapment, easier cleaning.

This deluxe, top of the line window cleaning cloth is 99.9% microfibre making it lint free, can be used as a dry duster or damp as a cleaning cloth. The cloth is chemical free so it is ideal for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities.

Microfibre is constructed of fibre that is 100 times finer than human hair and under a microscope the fibres have thousands of “hooks” to lift and entrap dirt.

When the microfibre window cleaning is used dry, the dragging of the cloth over a surface creates a positive electrical charge in the cloth attracting and entrapping dust particles which have a negative electrical charge; similar to the way a magnet works.

When the cloth is used damp the ability of the microfibers to absorb up to ten times it own weight of soluble dirt and retain the solution, creates a deep, penetrating clean. The technical term for this process is capillary vacuum force.

The recommended way to use the cloth damp is to wet the cloth, wring as dry as possible, refold into squares (this gives more cloth area coverage) and wipe over a surface. The ideal amount of dampness is achieved when a thin mist vapour trail is left behind per wipe that dry as quickly as it appears. If the scrim cloth is too wet, streaking may occur and extend cleaning time. Easy fix, wring out the cloth to remove excess liquid, refold and continue cleaning.

The microfibre scrim cloth can be used on interior glass, mirrors, shower screens, fixtures, bench & table tops, metals and painted surfaces. Microfibre in itself will not scratch surfaces but with its ability to entrap grime a component of the grime may become abrasive. Care by the user needs to be exercised in these situations.

For a stainless cleaning cloth, stainless steel creates its own protective film and using a window cloth may transfer that film to glass and cause smearing, see tfcp-mfgssc500 for the s/s scrim cloth.

The cloth can be hand washed or machined washed without detergents or conditioners at a cold water setting. The size of the cloth is 400mm wide x 580mm long.

On surfaces that are dirty, light use of a chemical may be necessary to aid in cleaning. To avoid chemicals and chemical residue TFCP recommends the use of an enzyme cleaner located in Eco-Natural Cleaners. This will result in an environmentally friendly, natural sparkling clean.

Microfiber Cleans Better