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Microfibre Cloths-Blue-Red-Green Microfibre Cloth


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  • Model: tfcp-edcotufmf


Large microfiber cleaning cloths, red, blue, green microfibre cloths. No chemical cleaning, dust magnet microfibre cloth, colour coded microfibre cloths.

The large all-purpose microfibre cloth is 36cm x 36cm in size, with over locked edges, highly absorbent and can be used dry (as a duster) or wet ( as a scrubbing cleaning cloth). When the cloth is used dry it attracts dust like a magnet because of the different charges the cloth and dust have, the positive charges pull and retain the negative charges of the dust.

When the microfibre cloth is used damp the structure of the microfibre scrape and entrap the dirt and grime from a surface. The water will loosen the grime and let the microfibre wipe the surface clean. The absorbency of the microfibre creates a dry surface quickly.

Microfibre cloths can be used with water “only” for green cleaning, a truly environmentally friendly cleaning cloth. The cloth can also be used with a chemical solution, such a spray and wipe, to aid in the cleaning process.

The microfibre cloth can be laundered numerous times for re-use but it is suggested that dryer sheets, bleach and fabric softener be avoided as they will damage your cloth. Avoid washing microfiber with materials that are prone to lint. Microfiber will continue working during the wash cycle and collect lint in the small spaces between the fibres, making the microfibre cloth ineffective.

Wow, microfibre cloths like to clean everywhere!

Normal colour coding for cleaning is; blue microfibre cloth-general cleaning, red microfibre cloth-washroom, and green microfibre cloth-kitchen. You can create your own colour coded system depending on the industry you are in. For example: a car detailer may assign blue –windows, red-wheels, and green-interiors. Colours tones may slightly vary from product images.